A historical view - museums in Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler

The Government Bunker
In March 2008 the former bunker of the federal government, which is situated in the valley of the river Ahr, opened its nuclear blast-proofed gates as a museum.
The bunker of the federal government inside the valley has been the most top secret building in the history of the federal Republic of Germany.
Its planning has been realized since 1950.
An extensive documentation and many original objects in combination with the original scene inform the visitors about a chapter of German history, which was during the era of the Cold war a part of the global mutual deterrence of the atomic powers in the Eastern Bloc and in the Western.

The Roemervilla – The Pompeii of the Ahr valley
During road works in 1980 in the Ahr valley a sensational find was made: The Roemervilla – an ancient Roman villa from the first century. As the villa is extremely well preserved it is often compared with Pompeii. The walls are partially window-high and visitors can walk through ancient rooms and get an idea of the domestic lifestyle of the Romans. Especially the barrel vault with its frescos on walls and ceiling, which are almost entirely preserved, are extremely impressive.

AhrWeinForum – Through the year with the winemaker
Those who would like to get some information on the history of vine cultivation in the Ahr region will find many interesting exhibits in the local Museum for Viticulture, the AhrWeinForum. You can also choose between various guided tours with many anecdotes.

The Schützenmuseum - Tradition and local heritage
The new Schützenmuseum is located in the old Blankart-barn in Ahrweiler near the market square.
The exhibition in the museum reflects the history and connection between Ahrweiler and the marksmen and allows you to gain an insight into the ancient customs and traditions of Ahrweiler and its rifle associations, which are partly still alive today.
Visitors have the possibility to take a close look at many exhibits which belong to the rifle associations and which can normally only be seen during the rifle’s parades.

Municipal archives – read up on history
The court of one of Ahrweiler’s noble families - the Blankarts - was the most important aristocratic court in Ahrweiler. In the villa of this court in the Ahrhut-Street you find the Municipal archives of Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler next to the Ahrweiler’s tourist information office.

Tunnel-Memorial – The city in the mountain
Outside of the town walls (follow the signs from the gate Adenbachtor) the Tunnel-Memorial reminds of the last days of the Second World War, when many inhabitants of Ahrweiler, being afraid of bombings or attacks from low-flying airplanes, had been hiding for weeks in a former railway tunnel - the „Siberbergtunnel“.
The memorial tells the impressive story how the „city in the mountain“ was created. Many families, friends and neighbours helped each other building simple dwellings also called „Büdchen“ (little digs), in which often up to 20 people lived in very poor conditions.

Art, culture and history nearby: Museums in the outskirts

Bonn & Cologne – experience history along the river Rhine
The house where Beethoven was born and the annual Beethoven Festival in Bonn are an attraction for many tourists. The „Museumsmeile“ including the Art and Exhibition hall of the Federal Republic of Germany, the Art Museum and the Museum „König“ is unique in the world of museums.
Let yourself be carried away by art, culture and history.
Cologne is only 40 minutes away from the Ahr valley and it is famous for its Rhineland-cheerfulness, the Kölsch beer, the Cathedral as well as the many Roman churches, its museums, the old town and numerous events that attract many people. It is a fascinating city with much history.

Arp Museum – a cultural highlight
If you are travelling along the river Rhine from Bonn towards the Ahr valley you will find the fascinating Arp Museum in the railway station of Rolandseck. In this Museum art, architecture and nature create a wonderful combination.

Erlebnis-Welt Nürburgring - Experience the legendary Nürburgring
Dive into the world of motor racing and experience the legend of the Nürburgring. In the Erlebnis-Welt Nürburgring visitors can learn about the history of the famous racing track in the Eifel. Every exhibit has its own story, Formula1-racing cars, touring cars or trucks. Dive into the world of heroes and legends of car racing.
Here the history of motor sport is still alive and it is guaranteed fun for young and old.

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