The AhrWeinForum

Those who would like to know more about the work of the winegrowers in the vineyards or get detailed information on the difficult cultivation of the vine will find this information from A-Z in the AhrWeinForum in Ahrweiler. Under the topic „through the year with the winemaker“ experts of the wine museum offer factual information as well as concrete examples about the daily life of the winegrowers in the vineyards and wine cellars, which is in many cases very difficult and laborious. The permanent exhibition in the AhrWeinForum tells vividly the story of the importance of the cultivation of the vine in this region.
There are many photographs, tools and a variety of interesting documents that link past times and today.

The AhrWeinForum is located just outside the medieval town centre of Ahrweiler – the metropolis of red wine. The Forum offers information on the social-cultural, the economic as well as the historic aspects of winegrowing, the winemakers’ lives and the region as a whole in an impressive, informative and at the same time entertaining way.

The connection between the culture of wine making and the interests of the tourist industry is getting closer every day. Therefore the city Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler, the Ahr valley tourist office as well as the winegrowers’ cooperatives of Ahrweiler pursued a different path by deliberately creating a non-traditional museum. The new concept is already shown in the choice of the name „Forum“. On the one hand referring to the marketplace at the times of the ancient Romans and on the other hand meant as a platform for specialist information. In this way the AhrWeinForum becomes the perfect place for the substantial presentation of the concept of winegrowing in all its features. It is made for both, experts and laymen.

The objective of the museum is to inform the visitors about the Ahr wine in its historical and social complexity and to give them the opportunity of getting to know and appreciate the real product and its environment.
On the information boards you will find summaries about historical dates of vine cultivation in the Ahr region, technical information on grapes, soils, growth areas, the social history of winemakers, traditions and craftsmanship as well as on wine and culture.

Those summaries are illustrated by graphics, photographs, historic postcards, drawings and important exhibits, some of which- the most delicate ones – are placed in showcases.
Furthermore the AhrWeinForum is a popular and suitable place for organizing cultural events regarding the world of wine such as author’s readings.

You can book guided tours anytime, which is particularly interesting for groups and school classes. The tourist association „Ahrtal-Tourismus Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler e.V.“ will be glad to assist you by programming your visit. During the guided tours the expert guides offer detailed information about the exhibits and summaries and will offer further opportunities to learn about the history and techniques of winegrowing, about the particularities of the red wine from the Ahr region, about the area itself and of course about the families of local winemakers.
This kind of detailed documentation about wine, the cultivation of the vine and the people depending on this industry – the winemakers and their families – is unique in the whole wine region of the Ahr – which is the largest area of red wine cultivation in Germany, after all.

The events organized by the AhrWeinForum can also be combined with individual wellbeing programmes. The cultural and entertainment facilities of the tourist association „Ahrtal-Tourismus Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler e.V.“ offer detailed information on programmes for adults and children.

The AhrWeinForum is one of the very few German museums with wheelchair access and it offers a special programme, which includes many events around Bad Neuenahr especially interesting for young nature lovers.

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