Medical expertise

High-calibre specialists

The number of medical specialists in Bad Neuenahr is exceptionally high.
More than 100 physicians are working there in order to spare the patients having an unnecessary long route to the doctor – and all this without competing against each other. Their highest priority is to resolve their patients’ medical problems.

Specialized clinics

So many capacities cannot exist without the existence of excellent clinics. There are sixteen specialized clinics covering all important medical fields. It is true that all the physicians are specialized in a certain field, but they practise holistic medicine. This global medical care, which is unique in Germany, is to every patient’s benefit. Many of the clinics are internationally recognized.

Rehabilitation and prevention

Especially those patients who are chronically ill will be able to handle their medical problems in a better way by participating in the rehabilitation programme. From this point of view the rehabilitation programmes in Bad Neuenahr are the ideal personal trainers for your „inner doctor“.
Prevention on the other hand means having fun by building up your health potentials – or in other words enjoying how to prevent illness. Bad Neuenahr offers the best possibilities to do so.

Successful teamwork between scientists and medical specialists

Wherever physicians are collaborating in such a perfect way, scientists cannot be far away. Little wonder that scientific facilities in Bad Neuenahr achieve exceptional results. The RheinAhrCampus in Remagen and the European Academy for the study of the consequences of scientific and technological advance collaborate closely and exchange research results.
The German Academy for Viticulture (Deutsche Weinakademie) has carried out many studies in Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler in order to substantiate the theory of a health benefit of a moderate wine consumption.

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