Eldorado for gourmets

There is no doubt that excellent wines and delicious food belong together. Cosy wineries of award-winning winemakers together with creative and experienced restaurant chefs make the heart of every gourmet swell. And the romantic view over the Ahr valley rounds off the perfect culinary experience.
The number of chefs awarded with stars from the famous “Guide Michelin” in the Ahr valley might seem at first sight a secret meeting of the world’s leading chefs, but it is not a temporary meeting of the chefs from the Ahr valley: they actually live and work in the Ahr region. Perhaps they are currently preparing one of their famous creations, because with a good meal you also need a good wine – or vice versa?

The „Straußwirtschaften“ – a popular seasonal tavern

Winemakers were given permission to run a seasonal tavern called „Kranzwirtschaft“ by Emperor Charlemagne. The winegrowers had to empty their wine barrels of last year's remainders, so shortly before the next vintage in autumn, they invited neighbours and guests into their living room to finish off the wine. Those seasonal taverns could be recognized by a little bunch (Strauß) of flowers or a garland (Kranz) made of grapes or ivy.
Today the seasonal taverns called „Straußwirtschaften“ and the vintner’s taverns in the Ahr region are open for 4 months during summer and autumn. You can also enjoy various simple snacks together with the homemade wine. In many cases wine tastings and lavish entertainments are organized in those taverns.



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