Wine from the Ahr region

The Ahr region is Germany’s northernmost wine-growing area and with only 525 hectares area it is the third smallest one. The steep slopes above the river are particularly suitable for growing red wine. This is the reason why wine lovers very much enjoy travelling to the highly praised „German Paradise of Red Wine“.

The ancient Romans already appreciated the Ahr valley very much as a wine-growing area. They settled down between the Eifel and the Rhine and cultivated the first grapes in the area. The outstanding Ahr valley, located in the northern Rhineland-Palatinate, is today one of the most distinguished wine-growing areas in Germany. The winemakers of the Ahr region are one of the leading German wine producers. They have turned the small wild and romantic valley in the northern Rhineland-Palatinate into a treasure trove.

The winemakers of the Ahr follow the philosophy “Quality instead of Quantity”. Quality is a priority. And this is well known to connoisseurs and wine lovers, as well as specialized journalists from all over the world, who easily start enthusing about this perfect combination of tradition, innovation and joyful experiments. The wines and winemakers of the Ahr valley attract everybody’s attention, they are award-winning and frequently honoured: as red wine of the year, winemaker of the year, region of the year and many more...

There is a price to pay for quality though and the winemakers are paying this with their difficult work on extremely steep vineyards. With only 520 hectares of vineyards the Ahr valley is tenth out of thirteen wine-growing areas in Germany. There is a price to pay for high quality: In order to prune the vine or bring in the grape harvest the winemakers often have to climb up steep slopes and rugged crevices, where often only very few vines are growing next to each other and where the use of machinery is impossible. But the yield is fantastic and the hard work in the vineyards is worthwhile.

The river Ahr meanders its way towards the Rhine in small bends through wonderful rocky river banks and there are luxuriant vineyards next to barren rocks. It is hard to believe but it is true: In the Ahr valley – Germany’s northernmost red wine-growing region – there is a Mediterranean climate, which offers perfect conditions for the grapes. During the day, the air is retained in the steep vineyards. The rocks, the slate and the walls of the terraces heat up and release the stored heat during the night giving it to the vines. The warm stones feed the vines with heat – these are perfect conditions to grow excellent wines: The grapes are well-treated around the clock.

A further reason for the high-quality wines of the Ahr region is the uncompromising care and preservation of the vineyards by the winemakers.
By cutting back the vines early in the year they point the way to the future. They lower the quantity of the harvest and increase the quality. The remaining grapes can grow in perfect conditions.

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